Global Outlook: Bullish

Source: Financial Post
January 25, 2011|

While Europe is currently the weakest link in the global economy, Daniel Bain and Andrew Pink of Thornmark Asset Management believe global economic momentum is sustainable and there will be a re-synchronization of the world’s economies.

Ten Canadian Stocks For Bulls And Bears

Source: Vancouver Sun • Financial Post
June 13, 2010|

Investors could be excused for thinking the sky has been falling since the beginning of May. After starting the year off on the road to recovery, North American markets have jumped the rails, despite strong underlying economic figures.

Why Buying And Holding Would Be Foolhardy This Decade

Source: The Globe And Mail
January 11, 2010|

It would be nice to know today what stocks we should all be holding at the end of this new decade. Not necessarily the high flyers that end up delivering exponential gains, but shares of 10 solid, profitable companies that are best suited to take an investor through the decade with minimum risk and that present opportunity for a healthy-sized return.

Bain Optimistic In Wake Of Turnaround

Source: Business Edge Magazine
May 29, 2008|

"In a word, optimistic. We are feeling much more optimistic than we were 12 months ago, and even three months ago. The outlook has improved significantly."

Globe Says Thornmark’s Bain Favours Altius

Source: The Global & Mail
June 1, 2007|

The Globe and Mail reports in its Friday edition fund manager Daniel Bain is playing itvery conservatively with the Thornmark Alpha Fund and one of his favourite stocks is Altius Minerals.