Thornmark offers disciplined wealth management and tactical investing designed to grow and protect your wealth.

Investment Focus

Thornmark focuses on three pooled fund strategies ranging from moderate to aggressive equity investing. All of the Thornmark Investment Funds use tactical investment strategies.

Investor Suitability

The Thornmark Investment Funds are designed for investors seeking tactical, North American diversified investment management that can tolerate equity volatility.

How to Invest with Thornmark

Private Client Discretionary Service

Enjoy peace of mind by freeing yourself from portfolio decisionmaking. Thornmark provides a fully discretionary investment management service – meaning a dedicated Investment Counsellor manages your portfolio on your behalf.

At your option, Thornmark will work with you to develop a personal Wealth Management Plan (WMP). With a financial roadmap, you are better equipped to make more informed and disciplined wealth management decisions. A WMP gives you a framework to monitor your investment performance and progress towards your goals.

Would you like to speak to Thornmark about investing?

    Financial Advisor or Discount Broker

    The Thornmark Investment Funds are also available for purchase through select investment advisors and discount brokers.

    Minimum initial and subsequent purchase requirements may be set by advisors and brokers. Additional Investment Advisor or discount brokerage fees may apply, and Thornmark may pay a trailer fee.

    To invest through an investment advisor or discount broker, please contact the financial institution directly.

    Clear Guidance in Complex Markets

    Thornmark is an independent investment manager that makes tactical investments based on proprietary and external research.