The Thornmark team is led by Daniel Bain, an economist and expert on tactical investing.  In the early 90’s he developed an investment philosophy that captures the value of economic and market analysis through tactical investment management.

After correctly identifying fundamental investment opportunities resulting from the 1998 LTCM default, the 2000 tech bubble, Canada’s 2006 income trust taxation flip-flop, the 2008 Credit Crisis and the March 2009 economic and market recovery, Daniel is regularly sought out by media looking for economic and financial market insight.

Thornmark evolved out of a family office with a focus on absolute investment returns and has been managing tactical investing strategies since 1993.

Our Clients

Thornmark invests for individuals, family offices, foundations, and institutions in select Canadian provinces. The firm is a nimble asset manager with a history of consistency, attention to personal service, and a long-term commitment to helping clients meet their unique wealth management goals and objectives.

Personalized Service

Every person has unique goals and priorities. Thornmark works with clients to build personalized Wealth Management Plans. Realistic and achievable plans allow clients to sleep soundly with confidence in their financial outlook. Thornmark has relationships with tax, insurance, and legal experts to ensure a holistic approach to wealth planning and management. Consolidated household reporting provides comprehensive information to gauge performance and progress towards your goals.

Protecting Your Investments

Client assets are held by an independent third-party custodian (usually National Bank Independent Network). Thornmark never takes custody of client assets – clients do not write cheques to Thornmark. The Thornmark Investment Funds are audited by Deloitte LLP, a leading global audit company. Independence provided by segregation of client assets and audit accountability by a global leader provide a high level of security for your investments.

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Clear Guidance in Complex Markets

The quarterly Thornmark Perspective provides insightful commentary on the latest economic and market conditions.

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